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Cage Cards

Do I need a different ribbon for waterproof stock?

No, for the cage card application, it is not required. We have ribbons that will work well with both waterproof and paper card stock.

Can I get cage cards that are waterproof and tear proof?

Yes, we work with many customers who use this for extreme conditions in their labs and work environments.

What is the difference between 'notched' and 'black mark' cage cards?
  • The notched cage card has an indentation or notch on both sides of the card where the tear perforation is located.

  • The black mark cage card has a black stripe on the back of the cage card.

In both cases, notched and black mark are used for the label sensor to read the distance from one card to another. One can calibrate the printers by making sure the label sensor can read either the notch or the black mark.

What is flood coat?

Flood coat means that the ink color completely covers or “floods” the cage card or label. So, you “flood” the area with ink. Some schools use this to distinguish different critical issues (day of week to scan cage, date for auto clave, etc.).

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