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What are Thermal Transfer Polypropylene Labels?

Polypropylene is also known by the brand name of Kimdura®. This material is resistant to moisture tearing, dirt and grease. Wax and wax/resin ribbons are used to print on polypropylene labels. Applications – identification and bar coding for warehouse shelf and bin labels.

What are Thermal Transfer Polyester Labels?

  • Vinyl – soft, flexible, commonly used for outdoor applications

What is a tag?

  • Paper or Synthetic Tag stock that does not have an adhesive

  • Synthetic Tags are tear-resistant, moisture-resistant

  • Often used in lumber yards & on wine barrels as an identifier tag

  • Can be stapled to wood

  • Application – tags are stapled or wired to items that are greasy, oily or the surface is porous.

What are some of my other options?

Custom adhesives are available on a selection of our products (freezer grade, removable, aggressive) and Piggyback labels.

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