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Ribbon Troubleshooting

Can a smeared barcode still be read?

A barcode that appears to have run or to be of poor quality may not present any difficulty for a barcode reader. The most reliable way to check the readability of a barcode with a scanner is by using the ANSI international standard.

How and how often should I clean the printhead?

Please follow the printer manufacturer's instructions to ensure the maximum lifespan and the proper functioning of the printhead. Idezi recommends that the print head is cleaned whenever the Thermal Transfer roll is changed using a non-woven cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol.

I have changed the label while retaining the same Thermal Transfer roll; the print quality is not as good.

It is probable that the surface of the new label is not as compatible with the previously used ink. In some cases you simply need to change the printer settings. If this does not work you may obtain a more suitable Thermal Transfer ribbon by calling Idezi.

Long white lines appear all along the print

This is most likely the printhead being worn or a blown print head “pin”. Should a heating pin on the print head no longer work it will not transfer the ink from the film to the label.

Clean the printhead. As the head is also a consumable, it may also need replacing.

The film breaks in the printer

The printer heat settings are too high or the ribbon is defective (missing or weak film back coating). In addition, damage to the ribbon can be caused when opening packages with sharp implements (box cutter, etc.).

The print becomes smeared simply by rubbing

The combination of printing substrate and ink does not provide the required level of resistance. For example, a Wax ink will not adhere well to smooth print media such as synthetics and packaging films. It is recommended that you choose a higher quality grade (Wax-Resin or Resin) Thermal Transfer ribbon formula.

The print isn't dark enough

You should check a number of the printer parameters:

  • Verify that the heat settings are neither too high nor too low

  • Reduce the print speed or, if this is not possible, consider changing your grade of ribbon

  • Clean the printhead

  • Increase the pressure of the print head onto the platen roller

It may be that the print media is unsuitable or that the Thermal Transfer ribbon is defective.

There are white spots on the print

Some possible reasons:

  • Dust or dirt on the media stock. This can be caused by a dull tooling die.

  • The use of an over-rough printing material in combination with an unsuitable ink.

  • It may also simply be that the print speed is too high or that the printer heat settings are too low.

  • Finally, in isolated cases the Thermal Transfer roll may be defective.

In all cases, make sure and clean the printhead and platen roller. Also, examine the label or tag stock you are using to visibly see dust or dirt on the material.

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