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Knowing Our Products

There are hundreds of different scanners, printers and mobile computers that are designed for all types of environments; from extreme heat & cold, labs & manufactures to retail and field sales. Our job is to know the strengths and shortcomings of these units. We then need to understand the caller and engage them about the differences, and apply that data to their application. We have learned time and time again this honest approach translates into mutual trust and respect, along with a long standing relationship with the caller and eventual business partner.

Understanding Your Needs

Before we recommend equipment, we want to understand your needs. Some questions we ask are:

  • Why are you looking for barcode equipment?

  • What equipment have you used in the past?

  • Do you need to replace some equipment?

  • Is the existing equipment you have not meeting your needs?

  • Have you purchased new software that doesn’t work with the existing equipment?

  • Do you need new equipment based on growth or are you looking for refurbished equipment to

    match what you have?

  • Are you looking to trade some of your older equipment for some new products?

  • Are you satisfied with your current barcode or label supplier?

Simply put, our goal is to learn and understand your application

We are asking for a real time, old school, over the phone, live conversation about your needs. We do this so we can understand what your goals are for your barcode project. That way, we can do our best to offer options that will fit your app and budget. We have found in the past that once we have a clear picture of your application, it makes it easy for us to provide real and meaningful advice.

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Find Your Application

Idezi understands the importance of our customer’s needs. This translates into recommending the best products for the application.

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Developing simple solutions to complex needs; it’s what sets us apart and is the DNA of Idezi. "ID Made Easy"

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