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AML Scepter Enterprise Mobile Computer

Scepter Enterprise Mobile Computer

The Scepter is the result of combining proven technology with contemporary innovation… an enterprise-grade mobile computer that will excel in virtually any task, delivering the performance and reliability demanded by today’s industrial user.


When it comes to displays....size does matter

The Scepter boasts a massive 5? (127mm) color display with capacitive touch screen, the largest display available on a pistol-grip-handled device… 20% larger than the nearest competitor. The hardened, tempered glass and optically bonded capacitive touch screen ensures it can handle the toughest environments. For added assurance, the display is surrounded by a protective rubber boot and is in fact ”floating“ in a protective foam layer, never actually coming in contact with the plastic case. Factor in the 550 nit sunlight readable rating and it’s easy to see why the Scepter is setting the new standard in industrial mobile computers.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The Scepter features the Android 6.0 operating system, otherwise known as Marshmallow. Android is quickly becoming the preferred operating systems for enterprise mobile devices, especially with the concerns about other commercially available operating systems and their level of commitment to the embedded device community.

Buttons you can easily use

Predictive text software, also known as ”auto-correct software“, was developed because typing on capacitive touch screens is inherently more error-prone. Unfortunately, it isn’t very helpful when typing data that isn’t part of a predictable vocabulary, like quantities of an inventory item. Traditional tactile keypad allows you to feel the separation of the keys as well as the ”bottoming“ of the key confirming a contact closure. While ergonomically it may be slower than sliding a finger across a capacitive touch screen, a tactile keypad will produce fewer errors, and fewer corrections, when typing non-predictable text.

Illuminate dark work areas

Flanking the scan engine exit window are two high intensity LEDs providing flash light functionality for those dark corners of the warehouse. The flashlight is operated by a secondary trigger button located just below the scan engine trigger on the handle.

Spec Sheet


Powered by Android 6 (Marshmallow) running on a Quad Core 1GHz processor, the Scepter has no shortage of power, performance or resources. The dual band 802.11abgn WLAN radio and BT BLE 4.0 radio provide wireless connectivity for inside-the-four-walls environments. A wide variety of barcode scan engines are available along with an optional 5MP camera. We’ve even included a dual-beam LED flashlight for those dark corners of the warehouse.

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